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Peach & Pip is a lifestyle brand that blurs the line between modern minimalism and soft femininity. Each piece is made with utmost love and the core value of spreading joy and feeling of contentment remains intact in each of our designs. Each piece is individually designed, pigmented, sculpted, and detailed by hand from start to finish. No two pieces will ever be exactly alike, and that’s the way we enjoy it.

The Inspiration for the name -  Peach and Pip is intertwined largely with my journey of discovering what I really wanted to do. Pip is the seed of the fruit and aptly represents my childhood fascination for colours and textures. It also means  something of excellent quality; and together , both the meanings resonates aptly  with the core value of our brand , to provide you with fun vibrant pieces of upmost quality. Peach for me represents the beauty of Nature and also the vision of where this  little Pip sees itself and it’s followers going.

The journey of completion - from a little pip, to that beautiful Peach !  



Looking back from the time I can remember , I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Colours and Textures. What started as dazed stares to absorb Nature’s beauty eventually turned into a deep appreciation for how Nature used both colour and texture to manifest and display all its glory. To further my inner child’s curiosity I took up Textile Designing Professionally and that was it.

Bright colours, positive vibes and all-around smiles are what makes me tick and when I  combined all of that with what I learnt as a textile designer - Peach & Pip was born! 

I've always wanted to spend my life making and being surrounded by beautiful things, and this venture has given me the opportunity to be a part of the transformative effect that can happen when a person feels their best.


Mansi Bagree

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