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Each piece is made with utmost love and the core value of spreading joy and feeling of contentment remains intact in each of our designs. Each piece is individually designed, pigmented, sculpted, and detailed by hand from start to finish. No two pieces will ever be exactly alike, and that’s the way we enjoy it.

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About Our Leather

Polymer Clay

Polymer clay is a type of a hardenable modelling clay based on the polmer polyvinyl chloride (PVC) it typically contain no clay minerals but its super light and durable 


The packaging is designed to give the customer an experience in itself. Each peach and pip girl has so much character. Our customer is creative, positive and confident. Always striving for a little extra from every moment, she isn’t intimidated by colour.  To her, Peach and  Pip is both a joyful expression and a seamless
extension of her lifestyle.

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